A look inside Smart Health Choices


Part I: Health advice can be harmful

  1. This book could save your life
  2. Be sceptical
  3. Bad evidence
  4. Dont’ always rely on experts

Part II: Your body, your choice

  1. Smart health choice eessentials
  2. Choosing a practitioner or hospital

Part III: Stories and studies

  1. An education in shopping
  2. The weakness of one
  3. The power of many

Part IV: Evaluating the evidence

  1. Judging which tests and treatments really work
  2. What makes you sick?

Part V: Improving your healthcare

  1. Find the best evidence
  2. Doing your bit
  3. How to apply the evidence to you and your situation

Part VI: Testing your skill

  1. Making sense of health advice
  2. Is this a useful diagnostic test?
  3. Decision thresholds
  4. Relative risk, relative and absolute risk reduction, number needed to treat and confidence intervals