Why Fish Oil Can Be Your Best Help for Weight Loss

Fish oil is good for your body because it is rich in omega 3 that helps fight and prevent cardiovascular diseases and lower cholesterol. Recently, there is an increase of popularity of fish oil for weight loss. It is believed to aid in shedding the pounds faster especially when combined with diet and exercise.

How Will It Help You Lose Weight

When you have a healthy body, your metabolism usually works faster and can turn stored fats into energy faster. The omega 3 in fish oil stimulates the metabolism making one lose weight faster. It will even be more effective if combined with exercise. It will decrease the insulin levels in the body thereby increasing your metabolism and allowing you to burn up to 75 calories per day. Low insulin levels will also cause the body to use up stored fats and use it for energy. Calories burned will be much higher if you do it with daily exercise.

Some studies show that fish oil decreases the appetite by increasing your leptin sensitivity. It also contributes to fat oxidation that would include stored fats. All these and more are the main reasons why fish oil for weight loss is very effective and healthy for you.

Fish Oil and Exercise

Although fish oil alone can contribute to weight loss, the effect will be more significant if done with regular exercise. Exercise will also help tone your muscles and strengthen you core. Exercise like fish oil lowers insulin levels allowing your body to use more stored fats. Fish oil will help your body to function better but it needs other support as well like diet and exercise. It is not a magic solution that can answer all your weight loss needs and take care of your well-being. A good combination of diet and exercise together with fish oil is the perfect formula.

Fish oil improves body composition while exercise strengthens it to make it healthier and functioning well. Some theories say that fish oil increases the elasticity of the blood vessels improving blood flow especially during exercise. An increase in blood flow could increase fat loss.

Fish Oil and Proper Diet

Fish oil can set you up for a better and healthier lifestyle. Your body becomes healthier and your appetite will be lessened. No more hunger pangs and food cravings. When your appetite is low, your body is more open to healthier foods.

It is important that you have proper diet while you are taking fish oil supplement in order to get the maximum effect for your health and for your weight loss plan. Starving yourself will not help. Your body needs the proper nutrition in order to burn more fats. Healthy foods that will help you build stronger bones and muscles will accelerate the fat burning process. Healthy and strong muscles require more energy to function thus burning more calories.

Eat lost of fruits and vegetables and other food that is rich in dietary fiber. Dietary fibers flush out toxins that are harmful to your body. When your body is cleansed with harmful elements, it can function better and can shed off more fats than usual.

Choosing the Right Fish Oil Supplement

Before you buy your fish oil supplement, make sure that you have all the information you need. Start by consulting your doctor on the right dosage for you. The FDA has not made any recommendations yet as to how much a person should consume so you have to consult your doctor.

There are plenty of fish supplements on the market today so remember to get it from a trusted brand. Also choose the fish oil supplement that has omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. You will know this by looking for EPA and DPA on the package or on the label.

If not taken right, fish oil can cause increase bleeding during injury and other side effects. With your doctor’s advice and with a trusted product, you are sure that you are on the safe side. And always read the labels and directions.

Fish oil for weight loss can be very effective. But you have to remember that fish oil is a supplement. It is not the end all and be all for weight loss. Balance is the key. Take your daily doze of fish oil according to your doctor’s advice, exercise daily or at least regularly and get the right nutrition.